A selection of creative art works by Louise Stewart Brown in many mediums; Acrylics, Watercolours, Ink and Limited Edition Prints of Original Artworks plus Hand Created Crochet Rugs and Toppers by Louise.

This is who I am

This is who I am - Born in country New South Wales Australia and moved with my family to Esperance Western Australia to new land farm on the coast aged 5.  Life on the land was hard work and I found myself drifting to the ocean and its magic views, peaceful bays and its natural wildlife and scenery for soloist and then my inspiration.  I love to get to the beach and I'm lucky enough to see the seas from my Studio everyday through the majestic Norfolk Pines here in my home town of Esperance W. Aust.  I have also spent many glorious hours sailing on the West Coast of Western Australia and became an experienced yachtswoman.

I am delighted to say that during a flying visit to Esperance to see an old friend I, David Sears, discovered and loved the Artwork of his wife, Louise, and have consequently chosen 10 pieces and have published these as limited edition prints with my company; Australia's Premier Printing Company - Eastbourne Fine Art in Melbourne Victoria.  Louise is among some very distinguished Australian Artist.  You will find these Artworks on line at

Mr David Sears - CEO
Eastbourne Fine Arts, Premier Art Publishers in Melbourne Victoria Australia

About Me

Louise Stewart Brown

Creative Artist

Creating art is my passion. I aspire to create modern impressionist artworks and enjoy the versatility of many mediums and textures. I create in my home studio, surrounded by my beautiful garden full of trees, roses, flowers, fruit, herbs and birds. I live by a big ocean and our beautiful coastline and there are many stunning beaches here in Esperance Western Australia. I love the coastline nature and many of the seashells, fish, seahorses and coastal birds are my subjects, including the ethereal mermaid.


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